In 1838, the Lyle Brothers, born in Scotland, ventured into the Yarra Valley to obtain permission to use 43,000 acres. The Lai Lie brothers gave the land an indigenous name "Yering" to open the first vineyard in Victoria. In the early 1950s, the Swiss immigrant Paul Castilla became the owner of the winery and developed the winery into a landmark in the Victorian wine region. Castilla expanded the vineyard and planted a grape variety imported from France: a winery and a garden, and a avenue of 330 eucalyptus trees planted along the driveway. At the World Expo in Paris in 1889, the winery won the highest award and became the only winner of the Southern Hemisphere wine industry, reaching the early peak and marking the beginning of a series of achievements. After many changes in the 20th century, the winery wa...


Fontani Winery

Taltarni Vineyards is located in Australia's prestigious Victorian wine region and is one of the region's leading wineries and producers. [Rantani Winery - Brief] The Chateau de Montagne is an explorer of the Victoria's Polaris region and is passionate about making wines of exceptional quality and local flavour. The winery and vineyards are based on independence and self-interest, and this value has so far influenced the winery. It is a combination of old world traditions and new world winemaking. We produce world-famous traditional sparkling wines, dry red and dry white. [The story of TANNY] Latitude: 37 degrees south latitude Soil: red clay, quartz, sand Climate: continental climate, a little marine climate impact. Large temperature difference between day and night, long maturity Grape ...


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