HUAPENG is an import and export company headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. The company provides wine procurement, custom, local transportation, Australian exports, China Customs import, customs clearance and other services.
Since the launch of the wine export business, HUAPENG has quickly cooperated with many famous Australian wineries through professional competence services, including Australia's Good Winery and Pontagne Winery, and exclusively represented some brands of red wine exports to ensure stability. The safe official source of goods, so that customers can rest assured, so that customers feel at ease.
HUAPENG is committed to dedicating a full range of Australian wines to Chinese customers, by hiring a bartender to specialize in wine selection, and communicating with winemakers to cater to Chinese customers' tastes, customizing wines that meet customer needs, and covering entry-level wines We offer a wide range of choices for our fine wines, luxuries, luxuries and supreme cherished vintages.
HUAPENG Wine Export Service hopes to bring the most enjoyable enjoyment to more Chinese customers through professional service and stable quality red wine. Welcome to contact me and come to wine tasting.
General Manager of HUAPENG
China Office
Address: 1308, Block C, World Trade Center, Haikou City, Hainan Province
Phone: 13876096811
Contact: Chen Yunping
E-mail: 13876096811@139.com
Australian Headquarters
Address: 12 Jarma Road,Heathmont Vic 3135,Melbourne,Victoria
Phone: 0403 247724
Contact: Michelle
Email: michelle@huapeng.com.au
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